Polaroid Originals Standard Color Instant Film for i-Type Cameras (40 Exposures) (880411)

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  • FOR I-TYPE CAMERAS: Every instant camera needs a film to go with it, and the i-Type cameras by Polaroid have their own special i-Type film
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: 5 packs of polaroid originals Standard Color Instant Film for i-Type Cameras, to give you a total of 40 exposures
  • BATTERY FREE: Battery-free (which makes it easier on your wallet) and ready to roll
  • FRESH FORMULA: It might look familiar, but this film is all new. It uses Polaroid’s most advanced chemistry to provide richer colors, tones, and contrasts than any Polaroid film before it
  • DEVELOP: All photos appear blank at first. They’re most sensitive during this time, so dont bend or shake them. Shield them from the light, and place them face down as they develop

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Every camera needs film to go with it. Polaroid Originals i-Type cameras have their own i-Type film, battery-free, unlike the standard film for vintage cameras and optimized for the Polaroid OneStep 2 camera. Polaroid Originals B&W i-Type Film is a new generation of instant film, optimized for i-Type cameras like the OneStep 2. That means you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. And because i-Type cameras have their own rechargeable batteries, Polaroid doesn’t have to put one in the film, meaning you save money on every single pack. But don’t try using it in a 600 camera – it won’t work, no matter how nicely you ask it to.

Bundle Includes:

  • 5 x Polaroid Originals Standard B&W Instant Film for i-Type Cameras (8 Exposures)

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    by Clinton

    Not sure if its the film or my camera but if it is my camera it has been broken since my first shot. It doesn’t happen on every photo but I do notice that there are hard line in the film as in comes out of the camera. these never go away and I feel like the film overexposes and underexposes very easily. I like the vintage look but if you are looking for crisp and clear with just the polaroid border this is not the way to go. That being said I still like how unique every photo is but the film is a bit pricey for the unpredictability that the camera holds.

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